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Chris Cochems was a 3rd generation native Californian (a rare species indeed) and 66 years old. Born in San Jose, he was raised in Southern California. He was happily married and the usually-proud parent of three kids. He now resides in Heaven.

Upon graduation from High School, he spent two years on an aircraft carrier, then another two years as a merchant seaman. While at sea, he visited Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Panama, as well as several U.S. port cities. Most of his career was in aerospace, as an Electronic Warfare systems engineer. During that time, he traveled extensively, including Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Unfortunately, his peace dividend was unemployment, and he worked in magazine distribution, then was off work due to a back injury. He finished his work career employed as system admin for a local Internet Service Provider. Now retired, he divides his time photography volunteering at a regional park as a docent, photographing and playing ukulele,

His interest in photography began about the time he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, in 2002. With a clean bill of health, and a greater appreciation of the beauty around him, he spends all of his free time capturing subjects from the Oregon border to Venice, and from the coast to the gold country. 2005 brought Congestive Heart Failure, and 2008's challenge was gout. 2009 was mostly unremarkable, other than a gangrenous perforated appendix. Chris said, "Getting older is not for wimps." He was a member of the Hayward Arts Council.

He expressed his artistic vision as follows, "There is beauty to be found all around us. We need to take the time to look. My goal is to allow you to see the world through my eyes."

He is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. Other members of his family are continuing to take pictures.

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